I'm still getting rave reviews on the food and service you all provided at Saturday's affair. Thank you all so much for everything you did and thought of to make the day special for the bride-to-be.  We'll be in touch for future events!
- Kimberly O., July 2013

Dear Laura,
Everything , everything last night was OUTSTANDING.  YOU DID AN EXTRAORDINARY JOB. The food was delicious and first rate, the staff was the nicest ever, you are an angel and my house was left at its best thanks to you. Every single guest complimented the service you provided. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!
- Magdalena M., June 2013

Hello Laura - I thought you'd like to know some of the feedback I've received from my guests regarding my event... The food has had lots of compliments, not only on how good it tasted, but how impressive the presentation was.  Lots of them recalled in detail the way the food was cleverly and artistically presented on the plates.  I must let you also know that the staff have been talked about A LOT!  My friends say they were friendly, professional, smiling the whole time, and just very pleasant to have around.  Thank you very much for providing me with a well thought out environment to be able to host the party I wanted to.  You really are oustanding at what you do.
- Vicki F., March 2013

Thank you both and your stellar team for what many friends said was the best party yet!  Your ears must have been burning all night long as people not only raved about the food but also about you both and the quality and friendliness of service.  The hors d'oeuvres were exceptional!  The presentation was unique, and as usual the main course couldn't have been better.  Thank you for everything and we look forward to next year.  Merry Christmas to you and your family!
- Polly K., December 2011

There's nothing like hosting guests in your home and actually being able to enjoy their company too.  Plum Pure Foods makes that possible.  They handle everything!  Their catering is excellent in every way.  The food is delicious, and the staff is not only professional, but downright delightful.  They're incredibly organized , and by the time they leave at the end of the night, there's no evidence that they were even there.  We will definitely use Plum for other events in our home, and I happily recommend them to anyone hoping to plan a stress free, elegant party.
- Jennifer D., October 2010

We have been using Plum for the past four years. Since Jon and Laura have taken over the company, I have been even more impressed with the level of service that we receive.
We have hosted numerous events which have ranged from an intimate setting in a private residence for 15 to a summer beach clambake/bbq for 100+ people. Each time, Plum has exceeded our expectations.
The staff is always courteous and attentive (never a glass empty). The food is exceptional and eclectic- I especially love how it varies based on the season. The area that impresses me the most is their ability to coordinate seamlessly with other vendors and work with them to stay within our budget guidelines.
- Andrea I., January 2009