Why We Do Things The Way We Do

jan-10-2008-003.pngOur goal is to create and provide exceptional food and service as the center piece to lasting memories for all gatherings. We believe that great events should have a lasting impact on your memory, not the environment. From a simple lunch to an elaborate dinner, we at Plum believe we can do it better! There is no one single change that a caterer can make to help promote a healthier environment. At Plum, we believe it is the combination of initiatives that when pulled together do make a difference. For example, Plum does the following:

  • By changing our in-store menus we have the ability to use only the freshest, healthiest all-natural, and when available, local ingredients.
  • By offering both in-store food sales, online sales and full service catering, Plum is maximizing each ingredient and minimizing over all waste.
  • We believe that a healthy environment starts with a healthy diet. This means we use very little in the way of butter and simple sugars. Our foods are made fresh, and are preservative free.  We rely on the inherent flavors, colors and unique textures of each ingredient we work with to bring out the true goodness of the food we make.